PerfectOptimizer 3.4

Optimizes and fixes your computer errors in no time!!
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The perfect software for your computer!! Optimizes and fixes your computer errors in no time!!
Perfect Optimizer 3.4 is the easy to use, powerful, and all-in-one solution for your computer. Cleans your junk files, freeing space in your hard drive, like when you update or install programs in your computer. This installations leave in their way archives which you do not need, and you accumulate with the time, making your computer slow. It also takes car of old cache and history files from Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Perfect Optimizer 3.4 also scans your computer in order to find lacks of registry, which are the cause of program crashes and blue screens, filling them.

Perfect Optimiser 3.4 optimizes your computer speed and performance with just one click. No more annoying step-after-step procedures. Includes an integrated fast memory manager so your computer works more efficiently , and a memory usage windows so you know exactly how you are spending your memory.

Without any doubt Perfect Optimizer 3.4 is a great way to make your pc work faster and efficiently.

Gener Vázquez
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  • Easy to use, simple and useful.
  • 9 built in tools that will take care of your computer


  • Does not repair the registry
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